Softball team to help autism group


The Marietta College softball team recently raised $3,500 through a raffle and donated the funds to a local autism service organization.

“This was important to me because I have a sister with autism who has supported me throughout my entire softball career and has never failed to cheer me on. She has gotten to know the softball team and everyone on the team has accepted her,” said sophomore Allyssa Hagenbaugh, of Stow. “This disability is growing bigger and bigger every day, and having a foundation that is able to help and support them is very important. I’m so grateful for my team and all the people who supported this autism foundation. It meant a lot to me and my family.”

The Autism Speaks glove is a specifically designed light blue glove made by Wilson.

It says “Love the Moment” on the inside of the pinky and has the hashtag Autism Speaks. MORE