The Art of Softball


The crossover between picking up a paintbrush and holding a softball in a glove is a very similar feeling for softball standout Morgan Day. It’s all about being meticulous and doing the small things correctly the first time, since you can’t go back and erase anything. It’s all about attention to detail for the Tuscola, Illinois, native, so being a softball pitcher while growing up an artist has helped her really develop that skill.

“In softball, mistakes can be made as a pitcher, such as giving up hits, hitting a batter, and walks. In art, big mistakes can be made with one simple brush stroke; it cannot be erased, and the paint must dry before it can be covered or else it will mix with the color used to cover it up,” Day shared. “I have discovered similar tendencies between being an artist and being a pitcher, and it’s important to go about each with confidence and meticulous actions.”

Day first discovered that she had an artistic gift during her elementary school days, and would rearrange her schedules throughout middle school and high school to make room for an art class. MORE